S2 Episode 035 Summertime Slow-mo

This episode you can hear our summer time slow style just enjoying the sun and steady day to day progress of the motorcycle world. Sorry if we lull you to sleep with our slow paced conversation. Song of the week Agents by Sleepwalkers.

S2 Episode 034 Rectum Ride Recap

We just came back from our rowdy Rectum Ride. Tune in to all the nonsense! We also answer a few of your questions and invite you to hit us with your finds for any Dealership Reviews that find hilarious. Song of the week by: Ben Sheppard, Katie.

S2 Episode 032 At This Point It Doesn't Matter

We out here chatting y’all up about whatever the hell we feel like; Memorial Day grilling, other podcasts, being a poser, riding motorcycles and having fun. We are still amazed you are still listening. Catch some Dealership Reviews and Song of the Week, Losing Touch With My Mind by Plastic Nancy.

S2 Episode 031 Motorcycle Hypochondria

The Rectum Ride is coming up fast and Tripper did some reconnaissance. Tune in for the details. We answer some of your questions and touch on the pervasive symptoms of a well known disorder we call Motorcycle Hypochondria. Song of the Week: Saw Black, Space Heater.

S2 Episode 029 Very Midwest Out There

Cory and Laurie went to the midwest. We ate bbq and saw a lot of weekend warriors cruising the highways of America. This episode we answer some questions from you about belt drive, open primary, Shovelhead wiring, and drilling through frames to get heads out. Song of the week Pissing Contest; Asshole.

S2 Episode 027 All Three Holes

We talk about how to get more power out of your Shovelhead through the oiling system, why your shitty tires don’t work, Dynos, and Syn 3. We also take it to the streets of the interweb to see if the forums have anything of importance to say. (Spoiler Alert: they don’t.) Song of the Week Nickelus F; Tanqueray.