S2 Episode 031 Motorcycle Hypochondria

The Rectum Ride is coming up fast and Tripper did some reconnaissance. Tune in for the details. We answer some of your questions and touch on the pervasive symptoms of a well known disorder we call Motorcycle Hypochondria. Song of the Week: Saw Black, Space Heater.

S2 Episode 029 Very Midwest Out There

Cory and Laurie went to the midwest. We ate bbq and saw a lot of weekend warriors cruising the highways of America. This episode we answer some questions from you about belt drive, open primary, Shovelhead wiring, and drilling through frames to get heads out. Song of the week Pissing Contest; Asshole.

S2 Episode 027 All Three Holes

We talk about how to get more power out of your Shovelhead through the oiling system, why your shitty tires don’t work, Dynos, and Syn 3. We also take it to the streets of the interweb to see if the forums have anything of importance to say. (Spoiler Alert: they don’t.) Song of the Week Nickelus F; Tanqueray.

S2 Episode 024 I think It's All Connected, But I Don't Know

We get together this week to chat about motorcycles and how it’s all a part of a bigger picture. In remembrance of our dear friend who passed this week from a drug related suicide, we hope all of you take this to heart and hold on to each other and reach out if you need help. Don’t die.

Song of the week Just a City; Bad Magic.

S2 Episode 023 A Call for Rectums

This week we get into some more questions about milliamp draws, and FXR hype. We are also preparing for the Rectum Ride happening June 15th-17th! Reserve you camp sites at the Trav-L-Park in Va Beach, and tell them you’re with the Rectum Ride. Song of the Week, Avail; Southbound 95.

S2 Episode 018 It's Up To Us

Gnar Talk loves its listeners, and we are hoping you all will want to send us some stories! Listen to this week’s episode for more details. We answer a lot of your questions, but would love to have more! Song of the Week: FM Skyline.

S2 Episode 013 Startin' Strong

We are back after a long holiday of sitting on our asses and doing absolutely nothing. Now it’s 2019. Time to get to work. Hope everyone is feeling fresh and ready to make shit happen. Song of the week, Mad Skillz 2018 Rap Up.