Episode 003 Supporting the Scenery

In this episode we realize the joys of podcasting and being able to retract statements in future episodes. We discuss the things to be aware of when swapping a rear wheel on our caller Eric’s chopper project. Then we get an update on this year’s Heroes Run raffle bike from the builder himself, Mr. Robbie Clarke. Cory was asleep for most of the episode, but he’ll get his shit together for the next one.  Song of the week: The Replacements; Black Diamond

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Episode 002 Death Wobbles and Life Wobbles

Episode 002, Laurie drinks a Red Bull then we discuss Cory's background as a motorcycle mechanic.  We have a quick Story Time with Dave and Opie, our friends from All For One Tattoo.  We answer questions about "death wobbles", building choppers on a budget, and shorting a battery to the frame.  Here's the link to the directory of Community Motorcycle Garages around the world communitymotorcyclegarages.com.  Song of the week: Death Birds Surf Club; The Ripper  *Fun drinking game - drink every time one of us says fuck.*

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