S2 Episode 013 Startin' Strong

We are back after a long holiday of sitting on our asses and doing absolutely nothing. Now it’s 2019. Time to get to work. Hope everyone is feeling fresh and ready to make shit happen. Song of the week, Mad Skillz 2018 Rap Up.

S2 Episode 05 What Day Is It?

There’s really no rhyme or reason to what we are doing here. We answer some of your Instagram stories questions, and for what it’s worth we talk about the world and malt liquor slushies. Song of the week: Unmaker; Chryosleeper.

Shout out to Zach Banister for hooking us up with all the musical interludes in Season 2.

S2 Episode 04 A Day Late

We recap the Heroes Run Pre-party and the Run and all the fun we had! We also answer a few questions. Song of the Week: Sports Bar; Never Coming Home.

Shout out to Zach Banister for hooking us up with all the musical interludes in Season 2.

S2 Episode 03 What Came First?

The gang’s all here, gettin in the groove, answering your questions, and basically talking nonsense. Don’t forget Heroes Run coming up this weekend, pre-party Saturday October 6th at the shop and Heroes Run at Hardywood Sunday October 7th! See y’all there!

S2 Episode 02 WORK

We are joined by our friend Buck from way down in Danville VA, he’s the coolest. We shoot the shit and have a chat about how cool he has always been. We are also joined by Hayden with RVAmoto to give us some insight into the younger generation of motorcycle enthusiasts. Song of the Week Black Liquid; RVA

S2 Episode Fun!

Getting back in the game with a new method for getting ya’lls questions, Instagram Stories. Cory put it out to the masses and ya’ll delivered… Song of the Week: Night Creature; Run Along.

S1 Episode 21 Summer Recap

Since you all missed us, we put together a quick episode to recap what we did this summer and what we've got planned for the next few months. Bear with us as we get our shit together. Song of the week Nickelus F, Dump you in a Riva.

S1 Episode 20 Summer Vaca!

As the summer sets in we've decided to take a few weeks off to get our shit together.  We will reconvene in the fall with some new ideas and a fresh take on things.  Episode 20 is the highlight-reel of Season 001, with some of our favorite moments in one fun-filled hour. We may be on break but our email isn't, so keep sending your questions or give us a call.  Have a great summer, we signed your crack, see you in September! Song of the Week; Avail, Suffletown. 

S1 Episode 19 Ol' Tit and Grits

We try to keep it together this week and talk about motorcycles.  We answer a question about cam timing and cam degreeing from the Ol' TIT 25 machine.  We also chat with Tripper's buddy Grits about his clutch adjustment on his Primo set-up on a Baker 6 in a 4spd (which is really as good as it gets).  Song of the Week: Sports Bar; Friends.

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