Women's Motorcycle Maintenance 101

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Women's Motorcycle Maintenance 101

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This is a class for beginners or those new to working on their motorcycle.

We will learn the basics of how a motorcycle works and then apply that knowledge to working on your motorcycle. We will also learn about the tools used for each process. Each student will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to their own motorcycle during the class with the aid of a certified mechanic.  Students may use the lifts and tools available at the community garage to change their oil, bleed their brakes, etc.  All parts such as oil, fluids, filters, gaskets, brake pads, etc. are available at a 25% discount to each student with an advance order, otherwise, you may bring your own.

COST: $65 Non-members/ $25 for EnF Community members
TIME: 3 hours
PARTS: bring your manual, your motorcycle, and any parts you want to change, or pre-order parts from us at a 25% discount off the regular retail price. 

You may also sign up for a membership with the purchase of this class.  Please see the Community Garage for details about each level of membership.

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